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Whether you’re buying a full color banner or sticking to very limited colors, you want to choose colors that will make your banner easy to read. Black letters on a white banner give you the absolute best contrast, but they’re also kind of boring. Here are some better color combinations for your banner:

Best banner colors

Best banner colors
  • Black letters on a yellow banner. This is your best option because it stands out better than a white banner, but the black letters still have high contrast on the yellow background, so they’re easy to read.
  • Black letters on a white banner. You can jazz up this simple combination by using full color logos or graphics, or adding a colored border around the banner.
  • Dark blue (navy) letters on a white banner. Once you start using colored letters, it’s better to stick to a white background, and the darker the letters are the easier they are to read.
  • Dark green (forest) letters on a white or very light cream banner. Sometimes a cream colored background can help you match your company colors or just make the banner look a little more natural, but make sure to keep it light so that your words stand out against the colored banner.

Worst banner colors

“Colors must fit together as pieces in a puzzle or cogs in a wheel.” -Hans Hofmann
Worst banner colors
  • Red letters on a yellow banner. This is a popular color combination, but the reason it’s not a good choice for a banner is that red and yellow don’t provide much contrast. Red letters on a white banner would be a better choice because they will be easier to read. Or if you’re buying a full color banner, you could do part of the banner as red on white and part of it as yellow on black. It all depends on your preferences and your logo, if you are putting the logo on the banner.
  • Red and green right next to each other. If you’re making a Christmas banner, you’ll want to use a white background and alternate red and green text. If you try to put red text on a green banner, or green text on a red banner, you’ll end up with a very hard to read banner.
  • Red and blue right next to each other. Just like red and green, these colors shouldn’t touch. Separate them with some white space and you will make your banner much easier to read.

Take some time to experiment with different color combinations, but try to stick to high contrast so that your banner will be easy to read. After all, the whole point of displaying a banner is for people to read it.

If you’d like to see your own text on different colored banners, view our colored banners page. They all let you type in your own text, and the color combinations were chosen by a professional designer, so you’re sure to pick a good color.