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Best way to hang a banner

Most banners can hang inside or outside. First determine which place you’ll want to hang the banner the most often. Then make sure whoever is making the banner is providing you with grommet holes. These are metal reinforced holes that are normally placed at all 4 corners of the banner, plus every few feet along the top and bottom of the banner – depending on the size. (We include grommets on every banner for no extra charge.) Then browse through our guide to determine how to hang a banner.

How to hang banners outside

How to hang a banner on a fence

Hang on a fence

Buy inexpensive zip ties from your local hardware store to quickly and easily attach your banner to the fence. If your banner is larger than 3×8 feet, you may want to look into buying a specialty mesh banner that lets the wind flow through the entire banner. Some companies cut half-circle slits in regular vinyl banners to try to let wind flow through, but mesh banners are actually made of a fine mesh so you don’t have unsightly holes through the words.

How to hang a banner on a building

Hang a banner on a building

Depending on what the building is made of, this can be quite a task. If it’s soft material like stucco, you can drill bolts right into the building wall. If you have an awning, it may be easier to tie the banner over the awning using rope. You may want to call a sign company to have the banner professionally installed. Even if you’re buying a huge banner, no wind needs to flow through the banner, so you don’t need a mesh banner.

How to hang a banner on a stand

Banner hanging on a stand

If you don’t have a handy fence or building to hang your banner on, there are many varieties of banner stands. These can be as simple as stakes like the kind used for parking lot signs – you just stick them in the ground and use bungee cords to strap the banner to the poles. Or they can be sturdy, heavy-duty banner stands you buy from a banner supply company like ours. If the banner is 3×8 feet or bigger, or if you’re in a very windy area, it’s worth looking into mesh banners to ensure that your banner doesn’t blow down or wear out early.

How to attach a banner to a sign

Hang on a sign

If you need to cover up an existing sign, the best thing to do is to order your banner at least 2 feet wider and 2 feet taller than the sign. That way, you can wrap the edges of the banner around the back side of the sign. Then, you can use screws to mount the banner to the sign. Just buy washers that are bigger than the grommet holes (5/8″ diameter) so that the screws can’t pull through the banner. Don’t use glue – it can damage the banner material or smear the ink.

How to hang banners inside

How to hang banners on a wall

How to hang a banner on the wall

The easiest way to hang a banner inside is to use push pins to secure it to the wall. They won’t leave big marks, and you can buy white or translucent pins that won’t be very noticeable. You can also use screws with washers if you want a more permanent banner installation.

How to hang banners on a banner stand

Indoor stands

Banner stands are a great option for trade shows, or for times when you don’t want to put holes in the wall. They come in a wide variety, from inexpensive X-style stands to easy-to-use retractable stands that roll up and collapse easily. Plan before you order your banner, because stands usually only work with one size of banner, and sometimes you have to use a special banner material that works with the particular stand you’ve chosen.

How to hang banners from the ceiling

Banner hanging from the ceiling

If you’re using your banners for interior signs, you may want to hang them from the ceiling. It’s easy to use rope to hang them, but you will probably want to add extra weight to the banner so it doesn’t blow around a lot. You can order a special type of banner hanger that slides on the top and bottom of the banner, adding just enough weight to ensure the banner will stay straight so people can read it easily.