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Common standard banner sizes

Standard banner sizes

Banners come in many sizes, and most people aren’t sure what size banner they need. Here is a list of standard banner sizes to get you in the right ballpark. (In the U.S., banner sizes are almost always listed in feet. A 3×8 banner means 3 feet by 8 feet, and it doesn’t matter whether the banner is wide or tall.)

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3×8: the most popular banner size

3x8 Standard Banner

3×8 is the most common banner size available. Slightly shorter than a sheet of plywood, they are a good medium-size banner for outdoors, or large-size banner indoors. If you’re hanging a For Sale banner on a fence, or displaying a garage sale banner in your neighborhood, this is the perfect size.

2×4: a popular small banner size

2x4 banner size

2×4 feet is a standard banner size commonly used for indoor banners. If you need a birthday party banner, 2×4 is often your best bet: you can fit it anywhere, and you can hang it easily with push pins. 2×4 is about the same size as many posters, so it’s still big enough for pictures and a few lines of text.

2×6: a trade show banner size

Trade show banner size

2×6 is a standard banner size often used with banner stands. Banner stands usually take vertical banners, but you certainly don’t have to use a stand with this banner size. 2×6 banners are great for trade shows and short messages.

4×20: a large standard banner size

Large banner 4x20

4×20 banners are usually used outside. You can hang regular vinyl banners on the side of a building, or you can hang large mesh banners as over the street banners. (The banner in this picture is a regular vinyl banner, and since it’s on a fence, the banner’s own weight caused the wrinkles. If you use a mesh banner instead, it stays flatter.) 4×20 is big enough to be seen from long distances or at high speeds – just keep your message short and simple and no one will be able to miss your banner!

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