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Choosing the best banner material for your needs

If you’re getting ready to order a banner, it’s important to figure out what type of material you need so you can get the best price on signage that will work for you. Here are the most common types of banners:

Common types of banners

Vinyl banners

Vinyl Banners

Most banners are printed on vinyl, so they are weatherproof. Vinyl banners work great both inside and outside. A few companies still make one- or two-color vinyl banners, but printing processes are so good now that if a company charges you more for a full color banner, they are probably just keeping the extra profit.

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Mesh banners

Mesh Banners

These special banners are made to hang outdoors. They are made of vinyl strands woven together into a mesh. The holes are small – think of a mesh jersey. The mesh banner holes let wind through so your banner lasts longer in the wind, but the holes are so small that it’s still easy to read the banner.

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Specialty banner types

Fabric banners

Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are a specialty item, since vinyl tends to last longer than fabric. Fabric banners are usually used inside, for special purposes like wall hangings or table skirts. They are often more expensive than vinyl banners, and most of the time they are only one color. Our fabric banners offer full color printing.

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Trade show banners

Trade show Banners

Our trade show banners are printed on an extra-thick, extra-smooth material which is best for up-close viewing. It blocks the light better than vinyl banners, so you won’t see light shining through, and it allows higher resolution printing.

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Paper banners

A few stores sell paper banners for temporary indoor uses, like birthday banners. But typically they cost almost as much as a vinyl banner, and they tear easily. They usually do not come with grommets (metal reinforced holes) to hang the banner, so you should decide how you’ll hang the banner before you order one. We don’t sell paper banners because they are not durable.

Choosing the best banner material

  • How will you hang the banner? If you want to hang your banner on a stand, you’ll probably want a trade show banner so that it looks extra professional.
  • How big will the banner be? For larger sizes, you’ll probably want a mesh banner – unless you’re going to attach your large banner directly to a wall or a rigid sign.
  • Will your banner be outside in the wind? If so, a mesh banner will work best.
  • Don’t need anything special? Stick with a plain vinyl banner, and you won’t be disappointed.